Why It Is Necessary to Know Your Movers?

Moving is considered as an irksome process. However, the process of moving can be made easy by knowing about your movers. It is also important to know the agency or the person you are working with to avoid chances of dealing with a fraud.

How to know whom you are dealing with?

There is a way to get the answer to every question. Similarly, to clear your doubts, keep an eye on the movers and know the correct warning signs. Here are some warning signs to help you know you that the movers are the best in business –

  • Check and ensure the identity of your potential movers

Albeit it is really interesting to enjoy a luxurious shifting, you have to be careful about the movers who have not registered themselves with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission (FMCSA) or do not have a USDOT number. FMCSA deals with the transport and communication of large trucks and buses whereas USDOT numbers are required by the vehicles working in the commercial transport interest.

  • Have a look on the web page of the movers or ask people

It is really important to see the ratings and reviews about the movers before you finalize them. Black Tie has proved to be the most trusted brand of local mover’s all over the USA. They have served their customers to their satisfaction and also promise to do so in future.

  • If you get weird or no estimate

As per the process the movers should come to determine the size of your move and inform you the cost of the total move, but if this is not the case and you don’t get the estimates or receive something unusual, you probably have a scammer with you.

  • Down pay

An important fact to identify the fraud is their demand for down payment. If the demand exceeds more than 20% of the total cost, it’s better to turn down the deal.

  • Unmarked vehicle or unknowledgeable potential mover

These are some things that most people ignore but they shouldn’t be. A legitimate company will never have an unmarked vehicle. Moreover, the movers will have all the information about your move beforehand and they will not question you about it.

No one can alert you more than yourself. Don’t ignore the things happening in your surroundings and if you find something suspicious do not hesitate to call for help.

Move safe, Stay safe!