What Things Should You Pack First When Moving

Moving to a new place can be really exciting. Until you go over your belongings and realize that you actually have a LOT of things to organize, categorize, and pack. This is a typical problem that many moving northern va companies encounter.

However, the key lies in knowing which things should be prioritized. In this article, we’re helping you out by compiling a list of your belongings that should be packed first in case you’re saying hello to a new home.

Starting Out With The Non-Essentials

The non-essentials refer to those items in your home that you don’t really or frequently use. These include:

Books and records. Use small yet sturdy boxes to contain these items that are rather easy to pack (majorly because they are almost of the same size). This is also the perfect time to return books that aren’t yours or sell or donate those you no longer want or need.

Artworks and picture frames. Wall hangings should also be packed early on because they take up more time once you start wrapping them and placing them in a dedicated box.

Home decorations. From holiday ornaments to clocks, lamps, antiques and even rarely-used China pieces — these decorative items should also be packed first because of the challenge they pose: They are fragile and oddly-shaped. Use bubble wraps to protect them and fit them together in durable boxes. Fill empty spaces with towels and pillows to provide more cushion.

Extra towels and linens. Speaking of towels, you also need to pack in advance items like this — including linens that you don’t regularly use. In the days leading up to your move, use the same set of towels and linens that you easily wash and pack.

Seasonal clothes and shoes. Why pack them first? As they are seasonal, it’s most likely that they’re already neatly sorted and stored in some boxes. This helps you allocate your energy in packing items from the more difficult parts of your home.

Moving Item No-No’s

When you hire a moving northern VA expert, take note that there are items that they cannot transport, mainly for security purposes. These no-nos include aerosol cans, charcoal, kerosene, gasoline and fuel, cleaning chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, fire extinguishers, fireworks, nail polish, paints and varnishes, and perishable food.

Tips To Help You Move Efficiently

Knowing what to pack first is indeed an essential moving must-do. But before you can accomplish it, you have to keep in mind some tips to help you complete the moving process more efficiently.

First, know what you’re taking with you and what you’re leaving behind. The quantity of the belongings you will transport will largely determine the cost of your moving process. You also have to document all the belongings you will be moving and categorize them according to their use or room designation (e.g. They are used in the bathroom or in the kitchen).

Secure moving materials and packing tools so you can start organizing your belongings. Then, label the boxes where you’re going to store them accordingly. This will make it easier and more convenient for you once you arrive at your new home and unpack. To make all these more cost-effective, it’s highly advisable to hire a reputable moving northern VA company.

moving northern va should be headache-free and if you want it like that, contact us today at Mi-Box. We offer mobile storage and moving containers to help you move efficiently.