Warning Signs of a Blocked Main Sewer Line

The sewer line is a necessary piece of your residential plumbing. Without a functioning sewer line, you won’t be able to shuttle waste away from your household—and that can lead to dozens of problems. While you should be routinely maintaining the plumbing in your home, there are some problems that occur regardless of what you do. However, once you notice a plumbing issue, act immediately. Any plumbing-related issues will worsen over time and be more costly to repair.

Here are things to look out for when a main sewer line is blocked:

Slowly Draining Baths and Sinks

The reason for most slowly draining toilets, kitchen sinks, showers, and tubs is a clog in the drain line. While there are multiple ways to fix clogs, some congestion is out of your hands—and reach. Look for backed up water between connected appliances, like the dishwasher and the kitchen sink, or bathtub and bathroom sink.

Keep your ears and eyes open for other signs often partnered with slow draining water, such as gurgling. Oftentimes, odd noises are a sign that something is blocked. Gurgling can also be caused by tree roots that have invaded the plumbing system farther down. If tree roots have entered the main sewer line, such as the slim feeder roots that move through the dirt in search of moisture, you may need to have the yard dredged up to clear these roots.

A video camera inspection can help uncover the cause of slowly draining plumbing lines.

Always Plunging Toilets and Drains

Do you find yourself plunging more often than not? When you have to keep on plunging the drains and toilets but are not seeing much relief, it is a sign that you have a true problem. Plungers only work on superficial clogs. Meanwhile, main sewer line clogs are far down in the plumbing network, where the vacuum created by plunging simply won’t work.

If one or more drains in your household frequently require plunging, you will need to call for aid.

Hire a Plumber For Help

One of the problems with sewer clogs is that you cannot treat them using a plunging or even with store-bought chemicals. The congestion in the pipes in simply too far away from DIY remedies to work. You will need to aid of a professional plumber with all the correct equipment, including augers and inspection cameras. In order to clear the pipe of whatever is causing the obstruction, specialized tools will need to be used.

Whenever a main sewer line is clogged, act immediately. Plumbing problems never resolve themselves. Be sure to get in touch with a professional.