Top 5 Places to Find Licensed Electricians in Toronto

Finding a reputable electrician who will deliver a marvelous job at a reasonable fee is not always easy. Thanks to the internet, however, the difficulty of landing licensed electricians in Toronto has been sliced by a big margin. Today, you can compare skills, experience, and costs of electricians from the comfort of your home or office before making your pick. However, some places are better than others when searching for the right professional to hire.

  1. LinkedIn

It is unfortunate but most people working in technical industries are not extremely social. Thus, you will find most of them in LinkedIn. The platform is essentially for people who would like to link up with other professionals as well as advertise their credentials. By signing in, you have an opportunity to view the qualifications of the electricians, their experiences, and the projects they have completed. Look up a number of profiles before deciding on one electrician. Before you make a commitment with any electrician, check the background to verify their qualifications. Remember that you can always call them for a short interview before you physically meet them.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a lot more on the social side than LinkedIn. However, you can find talented and tech-savvy electricians on the platform. You only need to choose relevant hashtags to land potential electricians. Like other social media platforms, do not make a commitment with the electrician before you personally meet them for a face-to-face interview. Most importantly, ensure that they have the necessary documents including licenses and insurance cover.


  1. Facebook

Facebook has billions of users. This means that the social networking platform has provided a way in which you can get top talent in any industry. The difficulty only comes in when your best pick is continents away from you. It is, therefore, important to search for Facebook pages whose owners operate or live in Toronto and surrounding areas.

  1. Search Engines

Search engines like Google are some of the best options for finding just the kind of electrician you need. It is easy. You only need to type what you want and you will get an endless list of results. Most of the results will lead you to company or personal websites. Most probably, you will get quotes, means of payment, and even discounts. However, remember to observe the old rule: ensure that the company or individual you settle for has the right qualifications and licenses for the job in addition to operating in Toronto or nearby locations.

  1. Online Directories

Like the traditional printed directory, online directories come with specializations and phone numbers of electricians. They may be more effective than other means of finding a suitable electrician for your work since you can narrow down your search to a particular area. Thus, finding an electrician in Toronto is not such a struggle. Still, you will need to make sure that the information given in directories is true and is not just a way of marketing the electrician or the company. The best way to achieve this is to ask for credentials.


The internet came with a networking revolution. However, a bigger percentage of licensed electricians in Toronto still prefer the traditional networking method which include meetings with clients as well as visits to the site. Therefore, you should also exploit such old methods of looking for an electrician as references from friends and family members in addition to calling or visiting the electrician at the office.