Tools used for Graffiti Removal

When it comes to graffiti, the kind of tool used will depend on the method used to clear the area. Much in the same way, the method used to remove the graffiti depends on the type of graffiti. Therefore, this article has divided the tools used under each method of graffiti removal.

You should also keep in mind that removing graffiti on the surfaces does not depend on a single tool. Furthermore, you might end up using several tools to clean the surface entirely.  Hence this article is important for the information below. Understanding the different tools will help you make the right decision when your property has been vandalized with graffiti.

The following are among the best tools used for removing graffiti. There are many more tools used that may not have been mentioned, this is because of the ever-changing innovations and technology.

Safety tools

These are the tools you use and wear to protect your body against harm from paint fumes. As a matter of fact, these are the most important tools:

            • Dust mask
            • Safety glasses
            • Cotton wool
            • Boiler suit
            • Gloves

The above tools are among the first things that you should have before starting your cleaning job. Additionally, the safety tools keep pain, chemical compound or any debris from coming into contact with your skin. Therefore, the rest of the tools are for the job at hand.

Working tools

These are the tools that you will need to use to remove the graffiti. The kind of graffiti will determine the kind of tool to use.

Paint tools

After determining to paint you will also have to get tools for that work. Therefore, when painting over graffiti you need to have: Brushes, rollers and containers for holding the paint. Moreover, you should get the right color for painting.

Painting is among the most used method. Therefore, ensure you use the best quality tools.

 Solvents and cleaner tools

These tools and products are used to totally remove graffiti on the surfaces. They are sometimes known as chemical tools for removing graffiti. Hence are known to be hazardous. Therefore, a professional is recommended for this kind of work. Additionally, safety tools play a big part when using this method to remove the graffiti.

Furthermore, these solvents are chemical compounds that when sprayed on the graffiti it loses its stickiness.

Special tools

Depending on the graffiti, these tools are used on those that cannot be removed by chemical or washing methods. These tools scrub out, dig out and cut out the graffiti from the surface. They include mechanical tools like the scrubber and wire brush which are commonly used.

In conclusion, the kind of tool you will use will also be determined with the surface the graffiti is on.  Therefore, if it’s the first time you are removing graffiti I would recommend that you seek a professional advice.