The top 10 most popular doors for your home

There are some different types of doors available in the market. Firstly, they are made from different materials like glass, fiberglass, or wood. The doors also have different styles like panels, a sliding or swing door, French, or Dutch doors. The choices of the doors of your home are endless; that is why it is essential to make some considerations when selecting the type of doors for your home. In this article, we are going to look at the top ten most popular doors used around the house.

Dutch Doors
Dutch doors are primarily divided horizontally using panels for the top and the bottom. TheDutch door is convenient for the kitchen, especially if you have pets in your house. You may not know the formal name of this door, but you have seen it.

Panelled Doors
These are common doors. The door’s frame and shutters are often made from wood, hardboard, plywood etc. The panels can constitute glass, but the majority of the door is made of wood.

Battened and Ledged Doors
This door consists of wooden patterns that have three horizontal ledges. Battered and ledged doors can be braced and framed or braced to make it strong and aesthetic.

Glass Doors
Glass doors are comprised of glass panels that are placed in a wooden frame. Since privacy is paramount when using glass doors, they are often placed at the back of the house. The glass doors help to allow natural light, but they can be hard to maintain, and expensive to replace compared to other door types.

Hinged Doors
You might have hinged doors all over your house. These are easy passage doors because they are developed to swing in and out of the room.

Wooden Doors
The wooden door is a simple door to make because of the material’s availability. Though the door can be used anywhere in the house, they are commonly used to access outside the house.

Slide and Swing Doors
If you have a house that has a large opening, like a closet or a patio, then sliding doors are the best options. They are fitted on a track so that they use very little space when opening. If you want to achieve a simple yet stylish look, then sliding patio doors are your best bet.

Fiberglass Doors
If you want a fiberglass door that is low maintenance, then go for fiberglass. It is durable, dent resistance, and it has high insulation. Fiberglass doors can be stained/painted, and they work for both interior and exterior doors.

French Doors
These are the types of doors used to make a statement. They are placed on hinges to offer excellent views while it allows natural light in the room. The French doors are a fancy design if you want a luxurious or stylish door option.

Pocket Doors
These doors are standard in bathrooms, closets, and powder rooms. These are non-obtrusive doors that work well in small spaces.

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