The Importance of a Furnace Tune Up

Even though the furnace is probably the most hard-working system in a person’s home, it’s often the most neglected as well. I know, I know, furnaces seem like they can keep going forever and that they don’t wear out. Many homeowners even think that they only necessary maintenance for a furnace is changing the filter a few times a year, but that’s simply not the case. Furnaces need more love than that, or they’re bound to wear out prematurely, and then homeowners are left with a replacement bill as high as $10,000.

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Extend Furnace Life

The furnace is one of the most expensive appliances in your home and one of the most important, especially if you live in the north. To save you money over time you want to extend the life of your furnace as much as possible. After all, the longer your furnace is running properly, the more money you are saving by avoiding paying for a new furnace. When you do finally replace your furnace, you will have had additional years to save up for that replacement cost.

Reduce Future Expenses

Replacing your furnace is a serious expense for sure, but chances are good you’ll need to replace just a major component or two long before the entire furnace. By applying regular maintenance procedures you can reduce the need to replace significant components on your furnace, which cuts ownership costs significantly. It costs money to have maintenance performed, but not as much as serious repairs. That’s why keeping ahead of major system failures is such a cost-effective strategy.

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Improve Energy Efficiency Levels

A home furnace system operates best when it’s professionally maintained. During regular maintenance dust and scale buildup are removed, the flame sensor and pilot timing are recalibrated, the heat exchanger and combustion chamber are cleaned up and the whole system is optimized to keep your furnace running in tip-top shape.

Know When Replacement is Coming

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected furnace failure, especially if you don’t have the money saved away to cover the cost of the repair. That’s why regular maintenance is so important. When you have your furnace maintained annually, it ensures that you know when potential problems are coming up and you’re prepared for the day when you finally need to replace your furnace. The maintenance specialist will let you know when your furnace is wearing out and give you a heads up so you know to save up some cash for the replacement cost.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Now that you know the benefits of regular furnace maintenance, it’s time to begin scheduling annual inspections and service calls today. By talking with a professional furnace specialist you’ll learn exactly what to expect with an annual maintenance service, and you can start taking advantage of all the benefits that such a service offers you as well. It’s worth the initial investment, and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of your home ownership.

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