Summer Plumbing Tips

When we have beautiful sunshine and a summer heatwave it is inevitable that all of the associated entertaining and outdoor fun, BBQ’s and gardening we will be doing will put our home on an increased demand for water systems. It is not just the winter that can throw up problems with your plumbing in your home. To make sure you are prepared for such problems we have put together a few summer plumping tips to help you.


With all the fun days out to the beach and in the garden, it is quite likely that you will be going through extra clothes.  Throwing additional garments into the washing machine over the summer.  Blocked or cracked water lines are the most common end result of al the extra cycles.  It is important to keep your washing machine in the best condition you can.  This means trying to avoid overfilling it, ensuing the hose is well maintained and keeping an eye on your machine at all times.  Coming back to a flooded home because of a breakdown of your machine is not what you want.


As we are watering the garden more this can result in garden taps wearing out.  The most common issue is a leaking tap, more than not this is an easy fix.

Sink Waste

The sunny weather means more BBQ’s and entertaining.  It is great to spend time with family and friends.  Our drains are not built to handle a large amount of grease, far or food solids though.  So, when you are a cleaning up after your outdoor party be sure not to wash anything down your kitchen sink as this will cause a blockage.

Turn You Temperature Down

No matter what the weather is you will want plenty of showers and baths.  In the summer there is less call for hot water as your family most probably prefers a cooler shower than usual.  To save yourself money over the summer months you should turn the temperature of your hot water settings down.  You can always put it back up again once the hot weather it over.

Water Damage

Look around the toilets in your home for signs of water damage.  Loose tiles can be determined by pressing the walls where they come into contact with the bathtub.  Walls that are soft, water may have created damage behind the tiles.

Boiler Maintenance

According to Andy from Homeglow Gas Services “With the warmer weather it is a great opportunity to give your boiler a health check.  Chances are you not using your central heating at this time, so it pays to check that it all works fine now.  Doing so now will ensure that when the winter months arrive you will have the reduced possibility of hassle and cost of a breakdown when you need the boiler the most.”

Tumble Dryer

Avoid using your tumble dryer.  Use the summer sun to dry your clothes naturally this will save your money on your energy bills.

Run Your Heating

Be sure to run your heating at least once a month in the summer to make sure the system is running efficiently and clears the pump of grit that can accumulate when not in use.