Save Time and Money by Having Sewer Line Problems Evaluated Professionally

Sewer and plumbing lines are critical to any residential or professional building. When they are flowing smoothly, they can be forgotten, but when a clog or leak arises, problems can magnify quickly. It is important at these times to have sewer lines inspected by an experienced plumber to ensure that repairs are completed quickly to minimize any damage to the building. Hiring professionals also means that a homeowner will get technicians with up-to-date knowledge of industry techniques and the newest equipment. With the cost of repairs to a sewage line usually between $1000 and $3500, it is important to hire experienced professionals.

Getting It Right the First Time

Sewer lines can become clogged, backed up or leak at any time. Before any damage or safety hazards begin, it is important to be able to call a plumber who will be available 24 hours a day. Once on scene, it is crucial that the plumbing company be able to evaluate the problem and also work with the customers to communicate what needs to be done and how much it will cost up front. This ensures that the repair is completed quickly, but in a manner which ensures no issues will occur from the repair. Once finished, professional plumbers will perform a secondary inspection of the sewage line. This ensures that the issues have been repaired; all sewage lines are clean and in proper working order before they leave the property.


Sewage lines can be up to 16 feet underground. This means that when problems occur these lines must be dug up to evaluate and repair the issues. In cold climates, this could mean inches to feet of frozen earth to dig through. When excavation must take place, homeowners want to ensure that the plumbing company they hire has experience operating excavation equipment. Hiring experienced excavators means that the repair will not result in any extra ground being excavated or slow excavation which could allow faulty sewage lines to keep leaking into a home or yard. Expert plumbing companies always have the knowledge and equipment on hand to ensure the right repairs fast.


Hiring the right sewer repair plumbers also means hiring a company that can evaluate a building’s sewage lines to inspect for issues before they cause a larger problem. Advanced plumbing cameras allow the technician to inspect sewage lines and visually locate problems such as breaks, root intrusion, misalignment of pipes as well as other potential problems. These cameras can quickly and non-intrusively pinpoint problems to allow for precise repairs to take place, saving even more time and money for a homeowner. These cameras are also useful for home inspections prior to purchasing a new home, evaluating septic systems, or even finding lost items in a sewage line.