Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Pest Control Company?

If you are also facing the problem of pest infestation at your place, it is high time that you get a pest control company for your help. However, before choosing the company, it is mandatory that you ask certain questions to the company and are clear of all the services which the company offers.

If you are looking for a pest control company in Sacramento, the capital city of the U.S. state of California, pinnacle pest is the best company in the business. This company offers the best services for pest control in Sacramento. Some of the questions that you must ask the pest control company before deploying its services are:

Are the technicians in the company licensed?

You must be wanting your pest control company to be a group of experts who would assist you with mere professionalism. Hence, it is necessary that the technicians of the company are well-licensed and well-experienced in the job. They must be trained well and must have a proper and genuine license.

How many years’ experience does the company has in the business?

They must have prior experience in the field. You must be aware of the time the company has had in this field and the number of customers it has worked for in the past. You can also get a review of these customers and see their level of satisfaction.

What are the pest control treatments used by the company?

Before selecting the company, you must be aware of the techniques which it uses for the operation. They must explain all the instruments, traps, baits and sprays which the company would use in the process. Once you are provided with adequate information, you must check the authenticity of the information and make sure that the company uses the right methods.

Does it guarantee future infestation?

While selecting the company, make sure that they provide future plans for infestations that might take place. Once they have made your home free of all the pests, there still lies a possibility that they might return. Hence, your company must provide such future assurance of the actions that it would take in case such a situation occurs.

Does your company provide any reviews or testimonials?

If the company that you are choosing is a reliable and reputable one, it would surely have the services of reviews of the previous clients it has helped. Hence, make sure that the company that you choose has this feature. This would help you in figuring out that the company that you are choosing is the right one as it provides you with genuine reviews of the customers and what they think of its services.


Hence, it is necessary that you ask all these important questions to the company that you choose. You must be clear on all the aspects and must make sure that there is no doubt left in your mind. All these questions would help you in figuring out the authenticity of the company and ensuring that you are choosing the right one out of the many available.