Qualities Of Cargo Conex Container Boxes That Make Them Perfect For Storage

It is no argument that cargo conex container boxes have gained a lot of popularity in commercial and residential markets. And we have the industrial designers to thank for that. It is now a major fad to use container boxes outside their designated function – which is mainly to facilitate trades and transport large amount of goods.

But this transformation from being an economically useful tool to an edgy infrastructure gave rise to many industrial-themed businesses such as cafes, bookstores, snack houses, and even offices. Its residential use is quite remarkable as well. Cargo conex container boxes have replaced many outdoor storage sheds and even serve as fun hideouts in many homes.

And why not? These sizeable containers have all the qualities to become commercially and residentially-useful storage places. And here are some of them:

Container Boxes Are Durable

They’re big, sturdy, and lasting. The only maintenance you really have to think about is paint. Because the entire body of container boxes are made of metal – steel, mostly – they have the stamina to endure strong winds, heavy rains, blizzards, and maybe even hail. Compared to normal storage sheds made of wood or cement, you’ll have less time worrying about a cargo conex container box giving up on you anytime soon.

Container Boxes Don’t Need Much Work

It’s a box – a cube, to be more accurate. It has a floor, roof, walls, and can be opened on one side. If anything, you can already consider it a finished room and you’ll only have to do minor modifications. Maybe place a window or two to improve ventilation, build a smaller door, or install an exhaust for when you feel like rummaging through your old stuff on hot summer mornings.

Container Boxes Are Not Limited To Simply Being A Storage Shed

Because the structure is so simple, there’s more room for your creative juices. You can make it into an entertainment room complete with a comfy couch, flat screen TV, and an Xbox to play your favorite NBA game with. Or, you can refurbish it to house your collectibles. Are you a stamp collector by any chance? Or maybe you have an obsession with Hello Kitty merchandise? Transform your container box into your own little haven.

If you want to check out the latest container box creations, check this one out!

Container Boxes Are Transportable

Can you transfer a house or a shed? No, you will have to destroy the entire structure and rebuild it if ever you plan to move. Cargo conex container boxes, on the other hand, can be moved wherever you please. If you like it a little more the left, you can simply move it. You need to have the right equipment though!

I really find the idea of using container boxes for residential use quite interesting and cost-efficient. And there are just so many real world applications of container boxes made available on the internet – it’s inspiring. I’m thinking I should start a project with a cargo conex container box soon, how about you?