Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas and Tips for Dog Lovers

Pets are one of the most common problems most gardeners have especially with maintaining their hard work and efforts which has produced a blooming and beautiful landscape. Of all the pets however, dogs appear to be most active thus making landscaping a big challenge for families that have dogs to care for.

Dogs can develop the nasty habit of digging, chewing, and other activities which may otherwise compromise the beauty and integrity of the garden and as such, there is the need to employ some tactics to ensure that their activities are of little impact on the overall performance of the garden and appearance of the landscape.

When aiming to maintain a well tended landscape with a pet, it is important to note that this is no easy feat at all. Below is however some recommendations to help you get the best of your landscape while also fulfilling the need for an animal companion.

Raised vegetable gardens

One of the best ways to make your gardening needs and your pet get along well is by raising the vegetable gardens. Seeing as dogs respond to smell and may ruin the garden trying to get a whiff of the next flower or vegetable, raising the garden puts them beyond your dog’s reach. Raising the vegetable garden also protects your plants from the activities of the dog while ensuring that the fruits are also kept out of your dog’s reach. The major advantage of raised garden beds however is that they are easy to maintain and water.

Section off certain areas

Most pet lovers, especially dog lovers have come to understand the importance of sectioning off a part of the garden which is a restricted access zone to limit the reach and activities of their dogs. For persons seeking to keep their pets away from their highly tended and maintained garden, one of the best ways to achieve this is by sectioning off certain parts of your backyard. Sectioning off the backyard may however demand the use of certain structures such as fencing, pieces of driftwood or smaller barricades.

Give your dog a safe space

Allowing your dog a safe space in the backyard can be a major way by which you manage your garden and meet the needs of your dog also. While dog houses appear to be a thing of the past, it may come in handy and as a proper management plan to incorporate dog house in the backyard to keep the activities of your dog monitored.

Implement hardscapes

While you wish to have plenty of greens and luxury appeal to the home, there is also the need to play around with the hardscape feature to ensure that your dog has enough space to play with. Installing stones, paths, patios, and accents can also stop the unsightly urine patches left by your dog from damaging your grass. There are several options to choose from in order to ensure that you get the best for your home while also protecting your garden and grass from the toxic component of the dog’s urine which may kill it.

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