Packing before the Moving, How you Can Do It?

One item on the checklist, the delegation of tasks is very important for the smooth running of the process, since you will not be able to solve everything yourself. To do this, start by choosing someone to oversee the work of others if you don’t have time to take care of it.

The person needs to be trustworthy and have a lot of competence to lead, as this is a crucial part of the job. Then, the same employee can even help you with the division of other activities, based on the skills of each team member.

Pack everything neatly

Now that the inventory of all belongings in the office has been taken, it’s time to pack the materials. Look for cardboard boxes to accommodate the objects in order to facilitate loading and avoid damage.

  • If you plan everything in advance, you will certainly be able to find many cardboard packages at zero cost: just look in supermarkets – they usually give them to anyone who asks. It is also necessary to provide newspaper or bubble wrap to wrap the most fragile pieces, such as crockery or glass.
  • Now that you’ve taken care of the packaging, it’s time to keep everything you can in the boxes, in a very organized way. Some materials will have to be packed last, as they will still be in use.

The last step of this step is to label all boxes, making it easier to identify both when transporting and when opening the packages to fix the new work environment. You can separate them by departments and types of objects using names and colors. For denver movers  these are simple works.

Donate or dispose of what is not really needed

According to the checklist, it is already possible to get a sense of the materials that go to the new office and those that will no longer be needed. Besides, during the packaging of the items, there were probably some things left over that you didn’t even remember existed, right?

Then, separate the objects that can be donated – such as the sofa that will not be used from now on, for example – and offer them to charities or needy people. Unfortunately, those who are not in good condition will have to be discarded.

Bonus: see some precautions you should take when moving

In addition to good planning, which is essential for your office move to be successful (and the cost is reduced), there are other precautions that must be taken at this time.

One is to verify that the entire infrastructure will be able to receive the change. Therefore, make sure that the plumbing, as well as the electrical and hydraulic installations, are in order. Also, check, in advance, the number of sockets available to connect electrical equipment. If they are insufficient, you will need to install more options before moving.


Another important point is to arrange the cleaning of the place before the furniture arrives. This makes post-change much easier. Did you see how it is possible to organize an  office move with little Headache? Just plan ahead and follow it consistently. So, take the above tips into account and start planning! Certainly, this process is going to be much less complex than you imagined.


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