How to Select Customized Made to Measure sisal rugs dubai Supply and Installation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

When looking for the best natural rugs for your home, many decisions need to be made. In addition to the aesthetic variations available for purchase, you can also choose between different materials. A carpet can be made from a number of fibers, so it is natural to choose it, synthetic fabric or a mixture of both. We have given you some basic information on the three types below and hope this will help you in your decision making.

Natural rugs are very eco friendly and health supportive rugs


  • In general, natural rugs have the advantages of non-toxicity – the polymers used in artificial carpets are very harmful to the environment because they release toxins into the water and into the air, causing dangerous pollution. In addition, these mats are tough, economical and can help reduce noise. And of course, they look great.
  • If you plan to brighten up your home using rugs like accent, think of natural sisal rugs. In addition to being an environmentally friendly option, carpets made from natural materials offer many other benefits. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and the types of natural fiber mats available – you’ll get it yourself soon when you see how natural a carpet can be.
  • There are different types of natural fibers used in carpet making. The most common are wool, bamboo, sisal, hemp, jute, seaweed, alpine pastures, and even paper.

Bamboo rugs are persistence, moisture resistant and very user friendly

  • Bamboo is widely used in many countries. This fast-growing plant is a source of ideal and durable material. Bamboo rugs are very popular nowadays, partly because of this and partly because of their appeal.
  • The natural color of bamboo is a pale tan, but it can be tinted in a darker shade for a different effect. Usually, bamboo mats are lined with cotton. They are resilient, moisture-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Widely available sisal carpets are very attractive and durable at the same time

  • Sisal carpets are resilient and durable. Sisal is a fiber of the Agave sisalana cactus, native to Africa and Brazil. The fibers form a flexible and resistant rope. This rope is used to create beautiful rugs that add appeal to any workspace or living space.
  • People like to use sisal carpets because they resist stains and do not accumulate static electricity.

Coconut natural fibers and hemp are two widely used fibers in carpet industries

  • Coconut fiber, a material made from the casing of coconut, is pulled into a rope and woven into a natural rugs Dubai. Coconut fiber can easily be dyed. These carpets are therefore offered in a wide range of patterns and vibrant colors.
  • Hemp is another excellent natural material for carpets. This highly versatile plant has qualities that make it an ideal material for natural rugs Abu Dhabi – it is resistant to static electricity, water and stains. Hemp carpets are also very comfortable.

There are many other types of natural fiber carpets. Paper mats are pleasantly smooth, sturdy and attractive. Sea grass is the most economical material used for carpets. Such carpets are smooth, shiny and durable. Mountain grass mats are tough and durable – they look almost like wood.
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