Line Marking Removal: Types and Practices

Removal of unwanted or outdated road marking lines comes as a challenging job. With its length and composition, some might require extra effort to be taken out. Traditionally, road markings are removed through the course of burning; however, this method creates toxic elements that are hazardous to both health and the environment. It is best to call the expert in line marking removal on the Sunshine Coast.

At the moment, there are only a few existing line marking removal practices approved by the authorities and depending on the condition of the surface where the line is to be taken out, different measures may apply.


One of the most common types of line marking removal procedures is called Blasting. Depending on the structure or condition of the area where the unwanted line is to be removed, this method utilizes different elements, such as water, sand, or metals,

    1. Water Blasting

In Water Blasting, high-pressure water jets are to be directed into the surface of the road to pierce through the holes of the asphalt and remove unwanted markings completely. This method offers no health hazards or even exterior alterations to the ground. However, although this procedure proves to be an effective solution, the inevitable degree of noise created during the process makes it unfit to some areas.

    1. Sandblasting

On the other hand, Sandblasting makes use of abrasive materials like sands or metals (“shots”) to smoothen the rough surface of a road. Although there are no environmental consequences under this method, minimal road surface damages may still happen, making it less appealing than the former.


Another form of line marking removal practice is called Grinding. In this procedure, motorised hardboiled steel is used to remove surface irregularities. However, unlike the first method, this scheme leaves “ghost lines” on the surface of the road as a result of the grinding process. With this, practice of this technique is not highly recommended unless necessarily needed.

Removal of out-of-date highway markings is inherently tough and frustrating, especially since those road marks are intended to stay permanently on the surface when it was first applied. However, with the presence of a professional line markers in Brisbane, accidents and misinformation caused by old and inaccurate road markings can now be resolved faster than expected.