Keep cool with Proper Attic Ventilation

After a long winter, and the late arrival of Spring, Summer has finally arrived in Calgary. By now you have likely dug out the air conditioner, but there are other ways to cool down the house and save money on electricity this summer. Below are some hacks to keep your cool and save some money.

Proper Attic Ventilation and Insulation

Are you wondering why you feel so hot, even with your air conditioning running all day? It could be due to poor attic ventilation. In fact, the air can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius in a poorly ventilated attic. Proper attic ventilation will extend the life of your roof and reduce the potential for problems in the future. A professional roof contractor will install gable, soffit and roof vents, along with attic fans. An incredible amount of cool air can be lost because of improper insulation.

Purchase Window Coverings

Did you know that up to 30{b2a07bfb5af3c84eda17045ca1dcac6d5da52a0db5aebc42f23cdc85e5e88a3e} of unwanted heat comes from your windows? Utilizing shades and black out curtains can help lower your indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Blackout curtains block sunlight, naturally insulating the rooms in which they’re installed.

Close those Windows and Doors

Closing unused rooms will prevent cool air from flooding these areas during the hottest part of the day. Remember to open the windows in the early morning to let in the cool breeze but to close them up before the temperature starts to climb mid-morning. Installing window film can also help keep out heat while adding a decorative flair to your home.

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Fans are your Friend

You may not realize this, but your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted every season. Set to run counter-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed, the fan’s airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect. Make sure to also use the exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathrooms. They pull the hot air that rises out.

Heat up the Grill

Using your oven or stove in the summer will make your house hotter. Instead, opt for cold dinners or heat up the grill and prepare meals on the BBQ instead. This is not only a great way to keep the house cool, but a great way to soak up summer while it’s still here and enjoy the outdoors.

Cool Down Your Body

Instead of focusing on cooling down the house, try cooling down your body. Cold showers are a great way to reduce your body temperature and make falling asleep easier during warmer summer months. They have also proven to act as a form of oxidative stress on your nervous system, boost levels of Glutathione in your blood – making you less stressed and help your skin by preventing it from losing too many natural oils. Alternatively, you can enjoy some cold refreshing drinks to quench your thirst, please your palate and cool down.

Tell Us: How do you keep your cool in summer? Do you have a central home air-conditioner, or do you enjoy the summer heat in Calgary?