Improve Your Home Interior with Custom Window Drapes

One of the focal points of every house is the window. However, it is also the one often taken for granted. Window treatments are a design element that can pull a room together. In fact, they separate professionally designed room from the rest.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when deciding what window treatment works best. They are the following:

Consider the function – Window treatments are not only there to add a design element in a room. It is there to serve a specific function. Do you want full privacy? Do you want to somehow see the view outside? Do you want to block the rays of the sun? These are just some of the things you need to carefully think of.

Know your choices Window treatments are vast. Some of the choices available are the following:

  • Blinds It is the most affordable choice. It is made from various materials like plastics or woods and arranged into slats. It can be mounted in different styles – inside the window frame for a sleek look or outside the window frame to create an illusion of a bigger window.
  • Shades They are made from fabric and have a certain degree of opacity. It is more expensive than blinds. There are different types of shades to choose from: roller, honeycomb, and roman.
  • Drapes – This type of window treatment is attached to the rod above the window. It is hanging down beyond the frame. Price-wise, you get to have plenty of options as it can be made from different materials, styles, colors, and pattern Many homeowners prefer custom window drapes as they can easily match it to the theme and ambiance of their home.
  • Shutters Of all window treatments, shutters are the most expensive. They are true woodwork and they need to be custom-fitted to the window to achieve the desired design.

So, the next time you start a home interior project, make sure you pay particular attention to your window.