How to Find Roof Leakages

The roof is most critical part of the house. It holds the house together and protects it from various disasters. Though sometimes there may arise some problems in the roof such as leakages, one can consult a professional for roof repair during such situations. But there are some methods that can help you in finding the leakage and repair it in no time. Some of the tricks to finding and repairing such leakages are stated below.

  • To find a leakage, one should start from the roof uphill where there are stains due to leakages.
  • Look for signs of any object that has penetrated to the roof that may cause leakage.
  • Go to the attic and look for the stains or molds that occur due to the leakage.
  • If there is a small leak, look for a missing nail better known as shiners. A missing nail can cause a small leakage that can be difficult to track.
  • Plumbing could be the reason for leakage. Poor plumbing vents can cause water to flow through the roof and can further cause stains in the affected area.
  • Check for cracks in the roof. There could be a slight crack due to a fallen branch or any such thing which first appeared harmless, but later on became the cause of the leakage.

These were some of the methods as to how one can find a leakage. One can repair the roof on their own if they find out the cause of the leakage. If the cause of the leakage is a shiner, then it is better to clip the nail or to insert a new nail. If there have been some objects present through which water enters the roof, you can remove the barrier. If the leakage is due to poor plumbing, then call the plumber and fix the issue. The same goes for roof vents too. You could take a helper to find out a leakage in the attic with the help of a garden hose, and if some dripping is seen, it is better to call the repairing guys and get the issue solved.

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