How Ordering Canvas Prints Works

Canvas printing has become a global phenomenon over recent years, largely due to the way that ink-jet print equipment has become vastly more sophisticated. Increasing numbers of people are adding extra character to their interior space with wall art on canvas, and there are many ideas you can choose from if you are interested in creating your own prints. Some popular themes for canvas printing include quotes, dates, family photos, holiday snaps and much more.

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New energy for your space

Canvas wall art allows you breathe new life into your space for less. The prints can be produced in all sorts of sizes, with popular sizes ranging from 8×8 inches to a colossal 36×56 inches. The higher the resolution of your photos is, the better they will look when they are blown up. High-res photography equipment is more easily accessible than ever, so it’s perfectly possible to create your own personal photos and commit them to a large canvas. If you don’t have the right camera equipment or require a professional touch, there are many reputable photographers that can help you source high-resolution photographs for canvas printing.

Sizes of canvas prints

Family photographs and landscapes can be great for larger prints. Some people choose to add a selection of small canvases to their wall, whilst many people opt for large pieces that dominate their surfaces. Canvas wall artwork is starting to appear in more and more work environments too, with employers realizing that beautiful artwork can inspire confidence, productivity and improved energy levels among staff.

Buying bespoke canvas prints online

When you are ordering canvas prints online, you will normally need to send your photographs to the company in question. They will advise you on which shapes and sizes are the best for your images, add them to a canvas and send the results back to you via post. If your image isn’t of a sufficient resolution for large canvas printing, they will normally advise you to seek out an alternative or suggest a smaller print. If you are taking your own photos for a canvas print, make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution. It can be difficult, but not always impossible to get the results you require via a smartphone. You may also have the option of sending physical photos for printing. Do make sure you choose your images wisely as you will be seeing them on a daily basis once your order is complete. If you are not 100{b2a07bfb5af3c84eda17045ca1dcac6d5da52a0db5aebc42f23cdc85e5e88a3e} happy with the images you have chosen, consider seeking out or creating better ones or having them touched up so blemishes and other faults can be removed.

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What are ‘frame-less’ prints?

Frame-less canvas prints are generally more popular than those with frames as they allow the image to blend into the wall. Of course, ‘frame-less’ prints are not truly devoid of frames, as the term is used to refer to prints where the frames are situated at the rear of the print and not visible. Canvas art prints can also make great gifts, with more and more people ordering bespoke canvas artwork to give to relatives and friends. Canvas printing can also be ideal for art lovers who are unable to add original pieces to their home but require elegant, authentic-looking reproductions. Iconic posters and album covers are also popular choices for canvas prints.

Producing canvas prints

If you are wondering how canvas prints are made, read on. Once the images are printed onto canvas via an ink-jet printer, the canvases are stretched onto a frame. When the ‘frame-less’ option is chosen, the canvas is wrapped around the bars before being secured to the frame. Another reason why canvas prints have become so popular is that they evoke the appearance of exquisite acrylic and oil paintings. Of course, you do not need to use your own photos or create your own artwork if you are interested in purchasing canvas prints. There are many distinctive, inspirational and atmospheric ready-made designs available to you, often for incredibly modest prices. You may be amazed to note the way that high-quality canvas prints can change the atmosphere of a room, transforming a drab, colorless and depressing space into a vibrant, charming and warmly-welcoming environment.