How Do You Know If You Require A New Water Heater?

A functional water heater is essential for easy everyday tasks in the home. Without a working water heater, there may be hassles with taking showers and washing dishes. Your water heater may be showing some signs of possible failure soon. Taking note of such symptoms will help you in avoiding a sudden breakdown or failure as you can plan for repairs or replacing it with a new energy-efficient water heater.

Here are the 5 signs you require a new water heater:

1. 10 Years Old

The first sign that should suggest to you to be getting ready for a new water heater is if the existing water heater is at least ten old. It is expected that the average life span of any water heater before expiration is 10 to 15 years. So, if your heater is ten years old, it may start giving you some trouble signs.

2. Brown, Rusty Hot Water

Another sign that signals the near expiration time of your water heater is when only its hot water is brown and rusty. This shows that your water heater is rusting on the inside, and soon, it will start leaking. You, unavoidably, need a new water heater once it is only the hot water that is brown and rusty.

3. Frequent Repairs

When your water heater undergoes frequent Repairs and tune-ups, you should be preparing to buy a new water heater. An older water heater needing repairs more than once in 6 months need a replacement. Be making plans to replace it.

4. Water Heater Noise

When your water heater starts making a noise, which is likely to be from the water heater tank, it is a sign of aging, and it will get worse as the tank heats water. The problem will become more noticeable if you use a large volume of hot water. The noise could be as a result of sediment build-up and aging. As soon as you notice your water heater making strange noises, start preparing for a new water heater.

5. Leaks

When your water heater tank starts leaking water, you need a new water heater, and you should be fast about it to prevent the leaking water from damaging your utility closet or basement. Meanwhile, check all other fittings to make sure that they are not leaking.

The above signs are tips to let you know that you need a new water heater. Take note of the signs and prepare to replace your water heater soon.