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Usually, when choosing interior doors, buyers most often pay attention to the quality and appearance of the doors, and yet a very important criterion is the availability of specially prepared vehicles for door transportation at the trading organization, as well as personnel who will deliver and install the doors you bought without damaging the panels. Very often, selling companies do not have their own transport and qualified movers and turn to third-party carriers who carry everything in a row. Imagine that on the eve of this machine on the eve drove gravel or paving slabs.

The Choices You Can Make

A lot of foreign objects (stones, nails) accumulate in the car body, which can scratch your doors during transportation. If during acceptance you do not find these defects, then most likely all problems will then fall on your shoulders. Therefore, it is very important that the store has its own transport specially equipped for transporting doors.

  • Now let’s touch on the installation issue. Everyone agrees that only a qualified installation will allow the door to be used for many years without problems. However, in practice they continue to set themselves up or turn to private “generalists” who do not have the right tool, and experience, and often the price is much higher. As a result, the door can squint immediately or after some time, start hitting the canvas with the box, the floor and, as a result, become unusable. Therefore, the next no less important point is the presence of qualified installers at the store who can competently measure and install the doors you bought.

Therefore, if you are going to buy doors in a store that does not have its own transport, movers and installers, then you should think about the possible consequences.

Doors made of natural veneer are the best choice for your home. The combination of excellent design and the warmth of natural wood will ennoble the interior of your apartment or cottage. Veneered doors are represented by the leading factories of Ulyanovsk, which have many years of production experience and have earned a reputation among customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products of factories.

Such questions are constantly asked by customers who buy doors

Unlike natural veneer, which is a thin section of natural wood of valuable species, the eco-veneer is made entirely from artificial components.

The concept of “eco-veneer “was invented by marketers to refer to the film CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminated) which means “Laminate Continuous Pressure). This is a laminated film made on two tape presses. The pressure on the material in such a press is constant, as a result of which all gas and air inclusions are removed from the film. The resulting product is very plastic, which allows it to be used very widely. Modern technology allows you to color the film in almost any color and copy the texture of natural veneer.

What are the benefits of eco-veneer?

  1. Price Doors made using eco-veneer will be much cheaper than doors made of natural veneer or solid wood.
  2. A wide selection of colors. The desired shade is set during the production process by adding the necessary dye to the film.
  3. Doors from eco-veneer tolerate humidity well and are resistant to scratches.
  4. Unpretentiousness in leaving. Cloths can be washed with detergents.

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