Everything You Need To Know About Bidet

Now that you have decided to try out that Bidet everybody is talking about, it is time for you to at least learn the basics of what a bidet is and how to use a bidet. So, let’s take our time to dissect a bidet and reveal all its glory.

A bidet is a toilet attachment that would help you clean up your bottom and genital area. Since it offers a more effective and more green way to deal with bottom cleaning, a lot of people are switching to it because of the benefits that it would bring along the way. However, there are some that still stick to the old ways because of how the toilet paper had served us throughout all these years and of how we underestimate and complicate things further.

Now that you finally would like to give this simple tool a try in the bathroom. Let’s have a quick recap of the benefits of the bidet over the toilet paper.


If you are all to saving the environment, then you should switch to this sooner than now! The bidet offers a quick and efficient way to clean you with small sprays of water that strategically spray the locations where your feces might get stuck on.


With a bidet, you can feel like a king because of the luxury you never knew you needed. A bidet can deal with the problem you don’t want to deal with!


At the push of a particular button, the bidet can support you in more ways than one. From scenting or even cleaning your private parts as well if you are a woman.


If you share a house with an elderly or if you have a pregnant woman in the house. Then it is vital that you help them out with doing the deed. Wiping yourself when you are with child or have bone problems is undoubtedly an added pain in the already harrowing work of cleaning up.

Now that we have happily talked about the benefits of getting a bidet in your house let’s talk about how you could work it.

There are two kinds of a bidet, a traditional and the more advanced ‘Remote Controlled’ ones.


When you are using a Traditional Bidet, this pertains to the separate unit that sits right next to the toilet. It comes out like a small hose with its switch triggered by pressure. When you are done, you can use it like a gun and blast your problems away. There are more advanced options like some come with heaters, but regardless, a lot of times, you will find this in low budget hotels.

Remote Control

Remote Controlled bidets are often put in the back of the toilet seat. After doing your business, you only need to select the options you desire in the remote control. It includes heat, the intensity of the water and even positions if you have the fancier kind. There are also some bidets that let you control the waters directions manually through a smartphone application. Read more here if you want to know more about bidet toilet.