Dos and Don’ts While Buying an LED Television in India

Ever since the advent of LED technology and its use in televisions, people have been wondering what makes the best LED TV in India.The best way to figure it out is to go through multiple features across different models from different manufacturers. Comparing these features will eventually land the best choice.Visit BijliBachao for more information. It goes without saying that the best LED TV in India is a subjective choice and is dictated by the budget among other factors. Here are the dos and don’ts while buying an LED Television in India:

  • Minimum Viewing Distance: Getting a 55-inch LED TV for cheap is a great deal, but that requires a minimum viewing distance of 9 feet. If that much room is unavailable, then there is simply no point in buying it. The same goes for other sizes – it is absolutely essential to account for the minimum viewing distance and it is recommended to not buy an LED TV under 32 inches. The 32-inch TV has a minimum viewing distance of 4 feet.
  • Full HD Above All: If budget is no constraint, the best option is to go for 4K UltraHD LED, hands down. If not, in a small room, always select 1080p (Full HD) over 720p (HD Ready) as far as possible. While the cheaper 720p is a valid choice for DTH set-top boxes, for watching movies and playing games, 1080p is the best option by far.
  • Size Above Features: It is quite difficult to find a balance between screen size and smart features.The basic essential features are HDMI and USB ports. However, for the same price, it is better to choose size over multiple features. This is given the minimum viewing distance, of course, but the basic principle is to choose pure satisfaction over cool features.
  • Sound Quality: Budget LED TVs will most definitely disappoint in sound quality. It is always best to have a decent TV with the proper audio output. If not, it might be a good idea to spend a few extra bucks to invest in a 2.1 channel speaker or better yet, a soundbar.
  • Judge the Content: It is always important to note the kind of content that the TV will be playing. If most of the content stems from flash drives, it is far better to choose features over screen size. It makes more sense in that case to buy an LED TV that supports multiple audio and video file formats along with subtitles and has multiple HDMI and USB ports.
  • Be Careful with Smart TVs: The mere mention of a Smart TV will lure many people into buying one. As a result, they end up buying cheap Android TVs that ruin the entire experience. It is a better option to get an HDMI PC on a stick instead of a cheap Smart TV.

The best LED TV in India is a debatable topic and sometimes, the circumstances dictate the best TV in any case. As a result, it is a good idea to spend a little extra and buy a branded TV that has good reviews.