Decorate Your Home with the Phenomenal Wassily Chair

The Wassily Chair derives its unorthodox structure from the handlebars of the vintage Adler Bicycle. As a bold, linear and slightly out there seating arrangement, one might feel overwhelmed trying to place it in the perfect location. Marcel Breuer heavily invested his efforts to manufacture a product that will stand the test of time and test. To ensure that his labors weren’t exerted in vain, we’ve compiled a guideline of layout ideas to kindle your imaginative gene. So, take a look and get inspired!

  1. Modern Cabin Loft:


The Wassily chair is an extraordinary piece of furniture, whose craftsmanship is highlighted best when complemented with a symmetrical and uniform theme. This picture showcases an idyllic prototype of effortless nonchalance. The thick side wall and heavy duty seamless tubular steel frame imbue unique characteristics and personalities to its craftsmanship.

To highlight the craftsmanship, it is best to complement the chair. Guests and residents will be left swooning at the monochrome arrangement. To ensure that it doesn’t seem too dull it is best to lay a neutral foundation in the form of a light carpet, a lush backdrop, corner cacti, and glass structures. By creating a boxed-in lounging area you can establish a conversation space to accommodate family time and formal events.

  1. Opposing color schemes:


The combination of one large piece of furniture like the Wassily Chair and décor accessories identical to its material of polished chrome finish, silver welded joints and black leather slings emphasize house architectural features. All the while it’s able to conceive a space-saving interior decorating whilst creating a personal small space where you can lounge around streaming music, relaxing with a book.

The exquisite armchair has a silhouette with smart, sleek and stainless steel construction that includes black leather upholstery. The magnificence of this design reflects in the gorgeous matching cabinetry nearby including ornaments following the same tone. The hushed yet patterned curtains and small window offer an open living space ambiance. By opting for identical silver, single-stemmed side lamps, and side tables you can make the industrial feel of the frame an asset and convert this luxurious leather seat into a modern symbol.

  1. A picture perfect portrayal of contemporary modern tones:


Marcel aspired to delight our visual awareness on an extraordinary level by fashioning the Wassily Chair in a variety of color options and vintage, aniline, cowhide, and top grain material. This is quite a useful transformative trick design. You can continually change up the scheme and fabricate whatever you desire. In this image you can see that the use of semi-traditional design elements of the tanned chair and pioneering components like a patterned throw pillow, majestic portrait artwork and matching chrome lighting only enhance comfy feelings, creating a recipe for guaranteed satisfaction. This set up features an understated yet unique statement because of the tastefully plain yet artistic design.

By incorporating a classic design, the seat in itself adopts an everlasting poise that’ll transcend through all time eras. The tantalizing structure is a contemporary take on the traditional armchair model. This is a perfectly handsome blend of traditional and ultramodern vibes.

  1. Accentuate ashen and smoky hues:


The beauty of the Wassily Chair is in its ability to be luxurious as well as ergonomically designed without sacrificing on the visual appeal. So, you can go for a strict color palette. This can range from smoldering to completely illuminated depending on your preference. The entire display is atop the basis of slender, silvery wisps and glossy finishing that’ll leave eyes lingering over it. Moreover, you can add a fur installation to the seat itself. This further enhances the decadent aura that is classified by the flat planes, expanses of sectioned glass, simple forms, organic influences, geometric lamps, as well as the fantastic table setting. To add an exotic dimension, you can make use of a bold patterned rug. All in all, it instantly upgrades the look to an eclectic level.

  1. Forge a wave of trendiness:

Life can seem lackluster. However, you can infuse a sense of glamour to any corner as seen by the juxtaposition in the room. Also, this is a 21st century and a welcoming take on the Wassily Chair. This is normally more masculine in nature. Moreover, you can emulate vibrancy with the addition of rustic wooden flooring, motivational artwork, an array of classic book selections as well as the divergence of fur and pillows atop the modest chair.

  1. A cozy and inviting cultural habitat:


The gentle movement of the lines of the Wassily Chair makes it a perfect statement for any living space. Furthermore, there is a rare beauty accentuated by the use of twin shades atop patterned wooden flooring. In fact, this is even more enhanced amidst decorative vases, a myriad of decoration pieces and modern abstract art. Thus, the versatile approach creates rich textures that diffuse a warm mood.

All in all, there are a million other ways you can use the Wassily Chair in interior design layouts. But, these gorgeous samples can be a great source of inspiration.