Creative Basement Remodeling Ideas

Alt tag – Creative basement remodeling ideas

Having a basement that you can remodel to your liking sure is a great thing.  But what when you can’t choose? If that is the problem you are currently facing, we are here to help you. We prepared some creative basement remodeling ideas for you. All of these that we are going to talk about are suitable for basements of all sizes. Some of these ideas require more investment than others but the end result will be worth it.

Before you start remodeling your basement

Before you start remodeling your basement there are some things you need to do. Basements are usually the rooms that get flooded because of leaking pipes. So before you start the remodeling process, make sure your pipes are in perfect condition. In most cases, a pipe or two will have to be changed but that is not a very big expense to cover. After you’ve made sure your pipes are good, you have to protect your basement from flooding. You can do this in many ways but it is important that you do it. Even if your pipes are new, you never know what can go wrong.

You also need to make sure that there is no humidity inside your basement. Because basements are under the ground, there is usually a lot of humidity. To get rid of it, you will need to buy a dehumidifier. But make sure you find the one that works the best because what is the point of investing in something that doesn’t work? You need to have a proper dehumidifier even if you use your basement just for storing things because basement is the base of your home. And if the base of your home is in bad condition, your whole home is at risk.

Basement remodeling ideas

Office or workroom

Basements are the best rooms for working peacefully. There are no distractions from the outside and from the rest of the home. Creating an office or a workroom is the best way to use this space you have. Put a desk and a comfy chair and you are done. Add a lamp and some decorative pieces and you have yourself a perfectly quiet office. This can also be a great place for your children to study in. Adding some shelves for books and papers is also something that won’t cost you a lot of money but will work great if you want to turn your basement into a fully functional workroom.

People who work with music usually turn their basements into music studios. This is because they don’t have to invest in soundproofing because basements are already very quiet. So if you play any instruments or you simply like listening to loud music, basement is the place for it.

Playroom or a bedroom for your children

What most people do is turn the basement into a children’s playroom. Here your children will be able to make all the noise they want without bothering anyone. Plus the mess they make downstairs will be much easier to handle than the mess they make in the living room or their own rooms. Plus, this is a great way to separate playing and studying. Studies have shown that children who study in one room and play in another one have much better grades and that they focus on work more easily.

But you can also turn the basement into their room. This is usually great for older children that need some privacy. Here they can read, listen to music, study and chill with their friends all without having to bother you. So if you have a teenager in your home, consider turning the basement into their room. We are sure they will love the idea too.

Home cinema

This idea sounds very expensive but it really isn’t. All you have to do is buy a projector and paint a wall white. Get some comfy lazy bags or a large couch. If you want it to be even cheaper, just buy a large mattress and throw some blankets and pillows on it. Add a small table for your drinks and snacks and you have a mini home cinema. This is a great solution for those who usually have some company over but also for those who love binge-watching TV shows.

Another great idea is to make your personal wine cellar. This doesn’t have to take up your whole basement, but a small portion can be more than enough. It will work perfectly with the home cinema.

Second living room

What most people lack in their homes is a second living room. If you have a big family, this is a great idea for you. You can watch your show in one living room and your son could play video games in the other one. You can have company over at the same time as your husband. Two living rooms can be very helpful. Plus it also means having more space where you can relax.

People often move because they don’t have enough space in their homes. But since you have basements you don’t know what to do with, create some space for relaxing. Plus, later on, when it’s time to search for a moving company on and move, your home will be worth a lot more because of the two living rooms.

Guest Bedroom

Having your basement turned into a bedroom for your guests is great because it will give them some privacy while they are over. You can even build a small toilet that they can use so they don’t have to go upstairs. The best solution is to have a couch that you can turn into a bed. This way you will have both a tiny living room and a guest bedroom. Make sure you put a dressed down there too so your guests can feel as welcome as possible.