Creating innovative work spaces with the Nelson Swag Leg Desk


The Nelson Swag Leg Desk offers you the best of all worlds. It’s stylish, perfectly ergonomic, and has got that timeless look that will always make it feel fresh and interesting in any space. But the best part is that it can be set up in a number of unique workspaces. You can design a lot of creative areas by using this desk and pairing it up with different settings, furniture pieces, and views. Below, we’ve listed some great ideas on how you can create innovative work spaces with the Nelson Swag Leg Desk. Let’s take a look:

  1. Working with a view


Working with a view can help you get stuff done in more relaxed way. The George Nelson Swag Leg Desk can help you with this type of a set up. You can place it beside a glass wall, French doors, or a picture window, where you can look up and enjoy some outdoor views when work is making you feel tired and depleted. This type of an innovative workspace can be erected in residential offices as well as corporate one. All you need is a little alcove with a view for days.

  1. Wall-facing layout


You can have a lot of fun with your Nelson Swag Leg Desk by setting it up in a wall-facing layout. You can design the upper half of the wall by hooking n some great art pieces, quotes, or even a soft board on which you can attach various work-related or motivational papers. This is definitely one of the best workspace ideas you can articulate with this desk.

  1. The no-distraction alcove


If you’re the kind of person who easily gets distracted, then you can design a no-distractions alcove with the Nelson Swag Leg Desk. All you have to do is find a comfy little alcove and outfit the desk in a wall-facing layout. Just pair it up with a stylish yet comfortable chair, and you’ll get yourself a nice work area. Do note that you should avoid any kind of décor in the area, or you might end up getting distracted anyway.

  1. Multipurpose & intermixed work space


At its core, the Nelson Swag Leg Desk is a modernist furniture piece. Its sleek, minimalist styling makes it universally appealing and highly versatile. Therefore, it’s the perfect desk to furnish with when you’re designing a mixed-use or multi-purpose office space. For example, if you want to erect a workstation within the living room, then using this desk to do so can be a stylish and highly ergonomic choice!

  1. Solitary office cubicle style


An innovative way to design workspaces with the Swag Leg Desk is by setting up a make-shift cubicle. This idea is best for modern agile offices that require solitary workstations for their employees as well. You can have a lot of fun designing this cubicle. You can customize its color scheme to be different than the rest of the spaces. You can also personalize the lighting arrangement and place a planter or oversized vase in the corner as décor.

The Nelson Swag Leg Desk is a very unique furniture piece and allows you to create equally distinct workspaces with it. It’s definitely one for the keeps when you want to design something different.