Composite Decking Spacing Requirements

A good-looking and well-built deck is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful summer days, entertain visitors in the outdoors or just unwind. And, although it’s essential to have an aesthetically pleasing deck, the most critical part is ensuring the deck is structurally sound. Knowing the function composite decking joists serve on a deck and their functionality and safety is essential.

Decking Joist Definition

Many people give a lot of thought to their choice of composite decking boards and other components like fixings, but don’t think much about the joists. Although joists won’t be visible once your deck is finished, they are probably more vital than the deck boards.

A joist is a structural component used to construct a deck frame. Typically, the minimum size of joists to be utilized in deck building depends on the amount of footings and beams to be installed. A beam is the primary load-bearing component for the structural integrity of a deck roof. The beam supports the weight of the decking joists and other building components.

Deck joists provide you with the framework to connect your decking boards and play an essential role in ascertaining decking strength and durability. Skimping on that part of the deck construction project may compromise its usefulness and create a safety problem.

Composite Decking Joist Spacing

Before constructing a composite deck, you should read the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Pay special attention to the necessary composite decking joist spacing. A majority of composite decking materials, such as Deckorum Composite Decking, need minimum joist spacing at:

  • 16 inches on middle spacing for any straight decking
  • 12 inches on middle joist spacing for a 45º angle diagonal decking

Additionally, numerous composite decking products need 12 inches or even 10 inches on middle stair stringers spacing for backing composite stair treads. Composite decking installation over a current frame may require set up of new intermediate joists.

Most composite materials are not as inflexible as wood decking products, so they do not conceal imperfections in framing that well. At times, that can lead to an irregular surface. Hence, it may be essential to stretch a string over the composite decking joist spacing in order to identify uneven spots. Such spots can be dealt with using a power hand planer to achieve a smoother surface.

Deckorum Composite Support Joist

The Deckorum Composite Support Joists offer the substructure for decks. The dimensions of each joist are 40mm by 30mm and a length of 2.9 meters. The manufacturer recommends spacing of 4 meters per 1m2.

Constructed from 100% recycled matter, the joists don’t rot or need treating. It is a perfect option for supporting decking in all sorts of difficult wet areas, like boardwalks, fishing platforms, roof top terraces and fishing platforms.

Some of the benefits of the Deckorum Composite Support Joists are:

  • Simple installation
  • Meets the eco-requirements of construction specifications
  • Do not rot, twist, warp, knot or splinter
  • Work perfectly with Deckorum’s Sollast Range of composite decking
  • Long-lasting material allows for construction of a more sturdy, secure and economical deck
  • Made from materials that are 100% recycled and can be recycled again

For more details about composite decking joists and other decking materials, do not hesitate to reach out to Deckorum at 0203 633 4979 or Alternatively, you can visit their physical store at Technology Centre, Bridge ST, Church, BB5 4HU.