Common Questions To Ask Before Buying a Mattress Online

Before looking at buy mattress online websites, there are several questions you need to ask to make sure the choice you make is the best option for you, as unlike when you buy in store, you cannot try your new mattress out before buying online.

What kind of Mattress should I buy if I have a bad back?

Many manufacturers believed for a long time that the best bed for a sore back was a hard mattress. Today, we know that depending on the back problem, a hard mattress can cause further injury to the back. The best choice is a supportive but comfortable mattress. The mattress should lower your back pain not make it worse. It is important to realize that medical terms such as “orthopedic” do not imply that the mattress is good for a sore back.

What is the best sort of bed for asthmatics or those with allergies?

Allergies from the beds are caused by dust mites, which will accumulate in any bed. The best way to reduce this problem is to frequently clean the mattress and its pads. If you also have an allergy to a common material used to make mattresses such as latex or feathers, make sure to buy a bed without this material. Call the manufacturer if needed to check on the components of the bed.

Can foam mattresses make you hot?

Yes, they can. Foam has a higher insulating ability so it holds heat better than other bed products. So, if you sleep warm, foam would not be the best choice. However, if you get chilly at night, give foam a try. Mattress makers want your sleeping experience to be good so they are busy applying technology to reduce and control the effects of temperature. This includes hand controls, mattress bindings, and specially construction supports that increase air flow. Let your comfort zone be your guide.

Why are similar mattresses priced so differently?

Generally, because the mattresses are not that similar. They may have stronger upholstery and fabrics, more expensive supports and advance layers of materials. Yet, on the outside the mattresses may look very similar. What should I pay for a mattress? Generally the better the mattress the greater the price. It is best to spend to buy a good product since you will use it for a long time. Think about the cost in terms of days of use. Don’t rule out clearance items or slightly damaged products to keep the price down, however.

What happens to my old mattress?

Most manufacturers will offer to dispose of your mattress free of charge. They usually recycle the parts of the mattress that can be reused such as the springs. Make sure your mattress is certified by the NBF so that if recycled materials are used they are safe and free from possible contamination.

Which is best – tufted or quilted mattresses?

Tufted mattresses will hold together longer and are usually quite well padded. Sometimes an additional pad can help if the tufting starts to disturb sleep. However, if tufted mattresses can cause problems, choosing a quilted mattress is the way to go.

Will I notice the difference between rigid and flexible slats?

Yes, you will. The rigid slats result in a harder mattress and reduce the life of the mattress by making the mattress do all the work of accommodating your body. Flexible slats are more comfortable and help the mattress do less work with its springs and components. Of course, flexible slats are usually more expensive.

Why is my mattress not the same size as the base?

The usual reason is that both parts of the mattress are not part of the same set. They may have been purchased separately or matched with what was available at the time. Some mattresses are designed to be larger Additionally, not all sizes such as king or queen are the same. Mattresses should be measured. Sometimes mattresses without good side supports or hand stitching widen with use over time. This can result in size changes to your mattress.