Common Causes of These 5 Pipe Noises

Plumbing is a mystery to most people, but to a professional plumber, what might seem like ordinary pipe sounds can be an overall clue to what’s taking place in a customer’s plumbing pipes.

What causes running water sound in pipes? There are several causes.

For example, banging is quite often experienced in homeowners pipes, and believe it or not banging or water hammering can be experienced in several different ways.

Banging occurs only when hot water is running

If the banging occurs only when hot water is running, it most likely signifies poor chlorinated polyvinyl-chloride pipes. As the hot water expands the pipe expands, and if the pipe has no breathing room, you’ll hear that knocking sound.

Banging occurs when you after either cold or hot water is shut off.

This is a common experience of a water hammer when the water that was gushing through the pipes shuts off and winds up shaking the valve.

Loud banging noises when the cold water is running

This noise is caused when the pressure is too high within the pipe.

Random loud banging even when no water is running

More than likely, this noise is caused because sediment is building up in your water heater. The sediment building up is near the heating element of the water heater and mixed with water, the sediment causes a slow boil which makes the noises.

Humming noises

If the water pressure in your pipes starts to hum, this is an indication of too high a water pressure. It can be particularly noticed when you have well water. The tank water pressure can be adjusted by a competent plumber and no more pesky humming noises.

Gurgling noises

Gurgling noises are a sign of blockage. A drain can be either completely blocked or partially blocked. If its partially blocked and not attended to, for sure the drain will become totally blocked in a matter of time.

Dirt, hair, dead skin, soap residue, toilet paper build-up, and oils or grease all cause water to back up rather than drain. The two most common areas for blockages are

bathtubs and showers and kitchen sinks.

Disposing of oils and greases in the kitchen sink is a sure way to get blockages.

Meanwhile, it’s amazing how much hair can build up in a shower or bathtub, especially with a family of several girls.

Another cause of gurgling noises is blocked sewer pipes. Tree roots are the biggest problem in developing blocked sewer pipes. Other things that block sewer lines include Female hygiene products. baby wipes. diapers, paper towels, and tissues and baby wipes.

Typically a treatment like sodium chloride or copper sulfate is used by a plumber to clear out tree roots. While a snake will typically clear out blockages caused by diapers, baby wipes, and feminine products.

In addition, plumbing vents can be blocked. If you hear a glug, glug glug, like milk pouring out of a milk carton too fast, most likely the vents are clogged.

Rattling noises

Rattling noises are frequently due to loose pipes that rattle around as the water goes through them. Often these pipes are hidden, so it may take a professional to find the culprit.

Squealing or whistling

In the vast majority of cases, squealing or whistling is due to broken washers in your plumbing. It’s no difficulty to fix but it can be quite irritating until you do.

So, what causes running water sound in pipes? It all depends upon the noises, and other tell-tale signs such as bad odors or water backing up.

At the first sign of any of these noises, it’s generally a good idea to call a professional in to take care of the issue once and for all.