Choose from the different types of carpet cleaning service

A carpet is a precious stuff. It is expensive and can add value to your home. However, a dirty and soiled carpet is unsightly to the eyes. It makes the house less welcoming and less appealing to the guests and the people living in the house. To keep your carpet in excellent condition for the years to come, it is a must to give the care it deserves. Carpet cleaning in Southgate Michigan comes in various forms. Your choice of carpet cleaning method primarily depends on the type of carpet you have including the size, materials used, and the degree of dirt.

Carpet cleaning in Southgate Michigan

Some of the carpet cleaning methods commonly offered by professional carpet cleaners are as follows:

• Shampoo –

Professional carpet cleaners use a special detergent to get rid of the dirt and smell. A special machine is used to evenly distribute the detergent. A vacuum cleaner will be used thereafter to make sure that all the dirt and detergent residue will be thoroughly removed. Carpet shampooing is only best for a mild degree of dirt. It is not that effective in cleaning a heavily soiled carpet.

• Dry cleaning –

Many professional carpet cleaners use this method because the waiting time is lessened and it efficiently gets rid of dirt and microbes.

Carpet cleaning in Southgate Michigan

• Foam cleaning –

It is a combination of carpet shampooing and dry cleaning. Instead of conventional detergent, it uses a foaming detergent, which is more effective in removing dirt. The carpet will be vacuumed afterward to thoroughly get rid of the dirt, microbes, and excess water.

• Steam cleaning/hot water extraction –

A powerful machine is used to inject a special solution and hot water to the carpet. The dirt and stain are removed using the machine’s rotating brushes. It is the preferred method for heavily soiled carpet. After this procedure, your carpet will be looking and smelling fresh and brand new.

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