Brno Chair in a dining room setting

The Brno chair by Mies van der Rohe is an icon of the modern movement. Although t was originally designed as bedroom furniture for the home of Czech couple, it is versatile enough to be featured in a number of spaces today – and that includes the dining room. If you want to take a look at some inspirational dining room settings with this chair, then further we’ve compiled a whole list for you to browse through. Let’s take a look:

  1. The round table concept

The Brno chair has a very sleek frame – it doesn’t have the typical four legs. Its cantilevered body always feels like it is floating, which is why it’s the perfect chair to pair up with a round dining table. This image features an excellent example of how you can utilize this aesthetic in the best possible way. The chrome and beige of the Brno chair plays a lighter contrast against the dark, eclectic body of the dining table. Both are sleek and simple, but in totally different ways. This mismatch is what makes this whole setting such a huge hit – in both style and functionality.

  1. Sleek, long, and contemporary

The Brno chair would be an excellent accompaniment to a long-form dining table – just like the one featured in this image. The rectangular body of the table provides ample room for the chairs to be slid in at regular intervals. However, it’s the contrast of wood on chrome that makes this particular setting feel truly inspired as a whole.

  1. Oversized round tables

While the legless beauty of the Brno chair is perfect for compact round tables, it can also be used successfully with larger ones as well. This image shows the perfect inspiration for how you can do so. The oversized body of the table is cleanly designed, but the cluster of Brno chairs surrounding it make it feel wholesome. The best part is that there’s no functional clutter under the table top, which makes this chair the perfect candidate for such a setting.

  1. The glamorous bar effect

The modern aesthetic and clean design of the Brno chair is perfect for featuring in more glamorous dining room settings. Its simplicity has the ability to provide some excellent visual contrast in areas that are overwhelmingly textures. The dining room setting featured in this image highlights exactly how you can use this chair in such a context. While the colorful stone-inspired backdrop feels very eye-catching, it’s actually the sturdy presence of the Brno chair that anchors the whole eclectic ambiance.

  1. Mismatched and glass topped

If you’re not impressed enough by the aesthetic of the Brno chair to use it fully in your dining spaces, then just introducing it as an accent piece is enough as well. Just take a look at this image for inspiration. The glass topped dining table has a very transparent effect while the compact chairs on the side let the reflective surface shine. However, it’s the presence of the Brno chair at both heads of the table that truly lets the eclectic beauty of this set-up shine.

So, now that you’ve taken a look at some of these dining room settings featuring the Brno chair, you can extricate your own ideas into your dining spaces as well.