Benefits of Privacy Fencing Across Your Property

Privacy fence technically is just a fence but to offer extra shield from outside world the fencing needs to be 4ft to 6ft tall. They have solid fill to maximize privacy or have negligible gaps between slats or kind of holes seen in chain-link fences. Some privacy fences have lattice work above 4ft. mark, near the top. The lattice on top allows visibility high up and privacy down below.

Benefits of privacy fencing

Decoration and aesthetics

Landscaping in the garden can be highlighted with extra decoration installing wood privacy fence. Add stain or paint the wood fence to match other garden elements. Solid wooden fence will work in synch with other landscape elements and create compelling visuals in the background.

Variety and functionality

Privacy fence is available in variety of materials and style, so you can find an option that suits your needs and budget. If budget is not an issue than you can choose vinyl copy-cats of wood and create private backyard sanctuary that lasts for a long time and needs minimal maintenance. Wood fence thickness helps to dampen the noise. In terms of visual and noise barrier wood is also a good material.

Shelter from elements

Privacy fence has little gaps, so acts as windbreaker. It prevents wind from affecting your property and plant life. It also offers shade, whenever necessary but depends on fence positioning. In addition, if you are using wood fence then make sure that it is made from rot-resistant lumbar like cedar. Make sure to paint or stain it as it will be exposed to elements outdoors.

Protection and security

Privacy fence helps to keep pets and children within boundaries and even stray animals and intruders outside your property. Your property stays hidden from outer world’s spying eyes and even your kids or pets will not be tempted to stray out. Moreover, you have a clear idea of your property’s perimeter.

Before installing a privacy fence, hire a professional as you will need to identify your property lines, get building permit [if necessary], discuss with neighbors, and check codes for fence size, style, and placement.