7 Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

The joy of moving into a new home is something that you won’t be able to replicate with other experiences. It’s a breath of fresh air. You get to flex your creative muscles in designing a new place that you’ll be staying in.

From as little as a first home ornament to the furniture that you’ll have in the living room, you’ll be taking into consideration a lot of things as you start moving in and making your new home, well, your new home.

Below are 7 things that you should do as soon as you move into your new home.

  1. Take photos

Before you put your furniture and appliances into your new home, you should take photos of the empty rooms. This will give you an idea of how they looked like as empty canvases just in case you want to reorganize later on. This also allows you to keep records of the interior spaces before modifications.

  1. Take measurements

Measure every corner of every room in your new home. Whether you’re buying new furniture and appliances or you already have things that you’re going to move in with, knowing the measurements of your new home will help in the placement of your belongings. Nothing’s worse than moving a sofa in a room where it won’t really fit in.

  1. Forward your mail

Something that’s not directly related to your new home, but more on the aspect of you moving is forwarding your mail. All your old mail should be directed to your new address to avoid missing payments on a mortgage, insurance, and so on.

  1. Know what you can move

Most moving companies will have a list of things that they don’t allow in their vehicles for moving. More often than not, these items include aerosol cans, cleaning solvents, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, and paints. You should label all boxes with what’s inside to avoid this from being an issue.

  1. Research your neighborhood

Knowing where the closest medical facility is, how to get to and from the school, and where the grocery stores are can help you get settled much faster. Taking these trips a few times will also give you an idea of where the routes are and how long it takes.

  1. Unpack and organize by room

The best way to unpack and organize is to do it by room. If you’re constantly moving from room to room because you’re unpacking items that don’t have a designated room where you have to put them in, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. If possible, you should also pack your belongings with a label stating which room they’ll go in.

  1. Invite your friends and family

When you’re finally settled into your new home, it’s time to decorate it with a first home ornament and invite your friends and family. Having familiar faces around you in your new home will certainly wash off that feeling of uncertainty of living in a new place.

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