5 Ways To Get More Natural Light To Dark Rooms

Using a room is supposed to be a convenient and easy exercise, especially if it is one that belongs to you. However, one of the things that might make this hard to achieve is if there is a lot of darkness in the room. Too much darkness in your room can negatively impact you. It can affect your mood, make it hard for you to navigate up and down, make it difficult to read things and a lot more.

This is why when you have a dark room, your aim should be getting as much natural light into the place as possible. It is for this reason that we have decided under this post to help highlight 5 effective ways for you to direct more natural room into dark rooms.

  1. Decorating the room using a mirror effect

Shiny surfaces can be quite helpful in bringing natural light to a dark room. The trick here is that the more shiny surfaces you are able to add to a room, the more light is going to reflect back into that room. As such, your decorating strategy should incorporate the use of objects such as brass lighting, chandeliers, silver photo frames or gold door knobs, mirrors, acrylic clear furniture or brass candlesticks.

  1. Adding or replacing casement windows

In some cases, when you have a dark room, the proper solution might just be having a window replacement. This is usually so where the cause of the darkness is from your window, especially one that isn’t in synchronism with the actual style of the house. In that kind of situation, the way forward is to replace your casement window.

  1. Using transparency

Another effective strategy that you can adopt in order to get more natural light into a dark room is door transparency. This is attainable by making use of glass in the doors of your house. To achieve this effect, you have the option of using either frosted or tinted glass in order to have your privacy. Of course, to make your choice in this respect, you would have to factor into consideration certain things such as budget, security preferences as well as the style of your house.

  1. Colour painting

One more trick to add natural light to a dark room is by using paint ideas that feature neutral colours for the room. Some of these neutral color styles include gray, white and mushroom walls which can easily improve light in any dark room. Lighter paint colours are known for making rooms feel lighter. As such, make sure that you go for a colour painting style that reflects light, not one that absorbs it.

  1. Ceiling style and lighting

Darkly painted and wood-paneled ceilings tend to absorb a lot of light even though they add unique style and drama. However, the focus here is about getting more natural light. As such, if you have dark ceilings, try as much as possible to avoid dark floors and dark walls. If you want to use a dark floor or wall, then try to add a skylight as an option for your ceiling.