5 Unexpected Dangers of a Window Leak

One of the signs of window replacement is frequent leaks. In some cases, you might get away with a partial replacement or repair, but most often than not a window leak means that your window has lost its functionality.

If you are tired of placing towels or buckets near the window, schedule free consultations with experts. This way you will get a professional and effective solution for your issue. In the meantime, here are the 5 unexpected dangers of a window leak:

  1. Mold Growth

Where there is moisture and water, there is also mold. Quite the unpleasant occurrence, mold is an enormous threat to your home and your health. Tons of asthma attacks and allergic reactions have been reported from homeowners living in moldy homes.

If you don’t take care of that window leak, the damage will spread to your walls and floors. Mold will grow and expand through your entire house. There have been situations where even fungi have started to grow after many years of unremoved mold.

  1. Rotten Wood

This specifically applies to windows made from wood. Rot is very common, especially in attics beneath leaky roofs and old or damaged windows. Luckily enough, it can be easily cleaned. However, you should do this as soon as possible since rot spreads a lot faster than one would think.

To remove rot, you should either call a professional cleaning service or do things DIY. For the latter, you need to remove the rotten area with a sharp object. Make sure that everything is removed and afterwards apply epoxy, wood putty and fillers.

  1. Draftiness

Windows with leaks have some hole inside them. It might be a damaged frame or a broken locking system. Whatever the case, it lets everything pass by. So, if your window is letting a good amount of water come in, imagine how much cool air it will let through in the winter.

This also applies for hot summer days. You will turn on the HVAC, but the room will never seem to get cool enough. That’s why leaky windows aren’t energy efficient at all. They increase draftiness and damage both your energy bill and your comfort.

  1. Drywall Problems

This might not be so unexpected. Of course, leaky windows cause drywall issues. As the water drips around your window, every area it touches becomes prone to damage. This includes both floors and walls. If you have wooden flooring is wary of bumps and rot.

Other materials aren’t that vulnerable to excess water. But, unfortunately every type of wall is. After a leak has been present in your home for a while, you may find yourself needing to replace the damaged parts of your drywall. To prevent this kind of damage, make sure to always control the window leak. Place towels and buckets around it, not letting it reach other parts of your home.

  1. Foundation Damage

Water travels everywhere! Using every cracks and weak spot it can find, with time, water can even reach your foundation. This is why basement floods in particular are very dangerous. It’s not that much about the mess they leave behind, but the damage they can cause.

The closer the leak is to the foundation, the worse consequences you will face. Many homeowners are surprised by the fact that even a roof leak can reach the basement and cause a flood, but this is a very common scenario.

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