5 Most Common Exterior Door Materials

One of the essential parts of a house is the exterior door. It plays a significant role in the visual appeal of your home, and, at the same time, it is a vital element for keeping your property well-insulated.

Before selecting an exterior door, you will have to understand how a front door protects and insulates a property. That is why we’ve compelled this list with the most common exterior door materials. The major decision you will make in regards to a front door is related to the type of material used. Choosing one can be quite tricky due to the multitude of options available on the market. Hence, let’s see what the most frequent front door materials are and what advantages those can bring to your home.

1. Wood

The most well-known exterior door amongst homeowners is the one made from wood. It is a common exterior door material because it looks stylish, and it can be easily customized. You can select from pine, oak, mahogany, or even maple. Besides, you can design and adapt a wood front door depending on your house’s style. But there is a significant disadvantage of having a wood front door. Wood peels in time, and it requires frequent refinishes.

2. Steel

Another conventional exterior door material is steel. It is viewed as the most secure and energy-efficient option. Insulated steel doors provide better insulation when compared to wood doors and need little to no maintenance. A drawback of using a steel exterior door might be the fact that it cannot be as customized as the wood option.

3. Fiberglass

During the past years, fiberglass exterior doors became quite popular. Well-insulated fiberglass doors are reliable and effective since they are designed with composite materials. This type of door allows you to modify it, as it can e stained or painted in any color. Unlike wood, a fiberglass front door doesn’t rot. Also, they do not need extensive maintenance, making them the best exterior door choice. Of course, there is a small disadvantage, too. Fiberglass doors are prone to fading in time.

4. Vinyl

An affordable front door solution is the vinyl one. Vinyl is typical for patio door frames, as these are the least expensive doors you will have on your property. Vinyl can be energy-efficient, but it has limited options when it comes to style and design.

5. Aluminum

Another common exterior door material is aluminum. It resembles the properties of steel or fiberglass front doors. And it is preferred for either patio or storm doors. It doesn’t rust, and it can come in any shape or style you might need.

Anyhow, the material you choose for your front door depends on several factors. These include the residential area you live in, the purpose of the door, and even the style you might want to achieve by installing a new exterior door. Of course, it is always recommended to consider the help of a professional door replacement specialist, to be sure you will make the best choice.

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