5 Benefits to Lowering Your Basement

Are you looking to increase the height of your ceiling or turn that impractical basement into a functional space? Basement underpinning is carried out at properties with not enough basement headroom.

Basement underpinning or lowering your basement offers several benefits. Apart from attempting to reinforce a weak foundation, lit enhances the overall value of a building. However, the basement underpinning or lowering the basement needs to be clearly understood to appreciate the benefits and values it adds to a building.

Here are the 5 benefits to lowering your basement

1. Easy Accessibility

Lowering your basement will reveal the hidden structure of your home and make it easily accessible for inspections, repairs, or upgrades. Having access to the foundation of a building gives homeowners total control. The hidden mechanics of the home, such as the insulation, electrical, and plumbing systems can be checked, repaired, or upgraded to improve the efficiency of the home by bringing the house up to proper acceptable code.

2. Perfect Basement Waterproofing

Flooded basement, moisture, and leaks are the worst nightmare of every homeowner. Fortunately, basement underpinning allows you to install a proper waterproofing system or upgrade the existing one. Your basement waterproofing system will become enhanced, and you would be able to keep your home safe, dry, and free from basement water issues that can jeopardize your health over time.

3. Hassle-free Upgrade of Home’s System

With easy access to the hidden mechanics of the home, the upgrade or repairs of the old plumbing, electrical, and insulation systems can be carried out without any hindrance. If the systems of the building have become obsolete and inefficient due to the age of the building, they can be upgraded to the modern standard. As a result, it will enhance the overall efficiency of the building without hassles.

4. Cost Savings

Basement underpinning allows a building to have a new, dry concrete floor. All issues relating to water seepage in the basement, excess humidity or moisture, water damage, and mold and mildew growth will be over. As a result, the soaring energy bills and maintenance costs will be drastically reduced, and you will save costs.

5. Creation of Additional Living Space

Lowering your basement will give you a completely renovated and remodeled basement space. You would be able to use the area as you wish, such as an entertainment room, additional living room space, kid’s playroom, and an in-law suite. The remodeled basement can be used as extra bedrooms or a storage or utility space.